Laundries today are designed to be efficient, clean, functional, productive and are a utility room. The Laundry is usually one of the smaller rooms in the house, but it often produces the most work! Efficiency, productivity and functionality are key. Laundry renovations are often completed with a kitchen or bathroom as they will go hand in hand with the d├ęcor to flow and suit as other rooms are being updated. We have the experience and expertise, that will serve you well in completing a smooth and successful renovation with as much ease as possible; we aim for hassle free in your home. We are respectful and aware that this is your home and will conduct ourselves as such.

AJM Plumbing offers a comprehensive Laundry plumbing service in all aspects of water, drainage, gas, fittings, appliances and sanitary plumbing services for Laundry installations and maintenance.

All of your Laundry appliances such as Hot Water Services, Washing Machines, Dryers, Condenser Dryers and Laundry Troughs will be in the best of hands with AJM Plumbing installing them.

Our team of plumbers have the experience that you need, as we do this each and every day, all over Melbourne and are the BEST LAUNDRY PLUMBERS in Melbourne today.

We have been servicing the Laundry renovation industry for more than 20 years, we know every appliance and fixture out there and are trained to install and test all appliances installed. We are licensed and provide a Compliance Certificate for all our work to guarantee the workmanship is not only compliant, but of the highest standard.

We only use the finest quality construction materials, and our fully licensed and qualified staff provide the special services and best practices to make your laundry plumbing project hassle free, from start to finish.

AJM Plumbing is your best choice. We all the boxes for your Laundry plumbing works. AJM Plumbing is your best choice for your Laundry plumbing services in Melbourne.

AJM PLUMBING Laundry Plumbing Services, Melbourne