In the early chapters of this business tale, Adam Mihan, armed with a freshly acquired plumbing qualification, embarked on a quest to gain experience in the field. Working on many commercial and residential sites Melbourne wide…little did he realise that this journey would mark the inception of AJM Plumbing.

Operating behind the scenes was Jo Mihan, an unsung hero and adept bookkeeper, silently (or with an occasional giggle) supporting Adam’s endeavours while also managing her own entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Together, they underwent training and mentorship from industry leaders, witnessing firsthand the challenges customers faced with plumbing issues. 

As Adam and Jo delved into their own home renovations, they saw an opportunity to create a business that they would personally choose to work with. A business built on trust, expertise, and, most importantly, remarkable customer service.

And so, in 1995 AJM Plumbing was born, propelled by a shared passion to redefine industry norms. Adam and Jo committed themselves to crafting a company that not only addressed plumbing problems but also fostered enduring relationships and trained emerging talent properly. 

Now boasting three decades of experience and a team of skilled plumbers, AJM is poised to tackle projects in both residential and commercial domains. 

The journey that began with a fresh qualification has evolved into a saga of success, with AJM Plumbing standing ready to conquer new heights and even better projects every day!


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