Bathrooms, Ensuites, Powder Rooms and Toilets: All very important rooms in our homes today. They are designed and focused on being clean and crisp, with an efficient use of space and natural light. These rooms add a lot to our daily lives; it’s lovely to be able to make these spaces a pleasure to be in with a renovation. The plumber you choose for these works will be key in the success and ease of the renovation works, as this is a plumbing domain – water, waste, drainage and venting are all required in each of these areas.

AJM Plumbing offers a comprehensive Bathroom, Ensuite, Powder Room and Toilet plumbing service in all aspects of water, drainage and sanitary plumbing services for new installations, repairs and maintenance. We have the experience and expertise, that will serve you well in completing a smooth and successful renovation with as much ease as possible; we aim for hassle-free in your home. We are respectful and aware that this is your home and will conduct ourselves as such.

All Bathroom, Ensuite, Powder Room & Toilet fixtures and appliances that you have on your Wish List when planning your renovation works; such as Baths, Showers, Hot water services, Toilets, Cisterns, Drains, Taps, Mixers, Shower Rails and Dumpers, Shower Grates, Hot, Cold and Waste lines, new and extended run water and waste lines, will be in good hands with our team.

Our team of plumbers have the experience that you need, as we do this each and every day, all over Melbourne and are the BEST BATHROOM PLUMBERS in Melbourne today.

We have been servicing the bathroom renovation industry for more than 20 years, we know every appliance and fixture out there and are trained to install and test all appliances installed. We are licensed and provide a Compliance Certificate for all our work to guarantee the workmanship is not only compliant, but of the highest standard.

We only use the finest quality construction materials, and our fully licensed and qualified staff who can provide the special services and best practices to make your kitchen plumbing project hassle free from start to finish.

AJM Plumbing is your best choice. We all the boxes for your Bathroom, Ensuite, Powder Room and Toilet plumbing works. AJM Plumbing is your best choice for your bathroom plumbing services in Melbourne.

AJM PLUMBING Bathroom, Ensuite, Powder Room, Toilet Plumbing Services Melbourne.